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Why Do You Have To Keep Interfering?

Monday, August 29, 2016
Of course, East and West are still talking. Really, what did you expect? Both of them are getting really angry, you know? What do you think is gonna happen now? Let’s see, shall we?

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“And I suppose that you will be helping the Clubs King stop the Spades King then?” East asks in response to West’s words in the previous post.

Needless to say, East does not look pleased and you don’t need to see the frown on the eastern Superhero’s face to be able to know that.

“Yeah, that’s totally right.” West nods passionately and enthusiastically. “What, you gonna try and stop me?” The western Superhero growls, directing a glare at East.

“Indeed. If I have to. Though I do not wish to fight with you, Vermilion. You really should not interfere in things that do not concern you.” East sighs, trying to stay calm, but the tension between the two is undoubtedly rising.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” It’s unclear if West is confused due to not knowing what 'vermilion' is or because of the rest of East’s words. Perhaps it’s both. “Of course this concerns me. What’s happening is-” West starts to say before East interjects and interrupts.

- This is part 38 of The Adventures Of The World’s Superheroes series, a story told in several short posts
- Part 37
- Image is Vermillion Gatekeeper from the Cardfight!! Vanguard TCG card game from Amazon.com
- Pic is meant to symbolize the 'Vermilion' nickname that East calls West

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