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Results Of The Editing Old Articles Poll

Friday, May 18, 2018
I added an Opinion Stage poll on this post about editing old articles. For reasons which I'll talk about in another post on another one of my blogs, I've decided to delete this poll and replace it with one from SurveyHero instead.
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According to my dashboard on Opinion Stage, the aforementioned poll had been created on 31 October 2014. I posted the article in question here on Tuesday, September 13, 2016 at 1:22 AM, but it had originally been posted elsewhere (either Daily Two Cents or Writedge, if I remember correctly).
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The statistics page on Opinion Stage for this poll looks like this:
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opinion stage, poll, editing old articles, statistics, number of votes, online polling service, writing, blog, posts
This is the new poll from SurveyHero:

So, what about you? What do you think about editing old articles?

- Pics are screenshots from my Opinion Stage account

Is Your Story Or Novel Going In The Right Direction?

Tuesday, May 08, 2018
Are you writing a story or working on a novel? How's it going? The last post I published on Niume was on October 30, 2016. It was about NaNoWriMo. I haven't been able to log on to Niume until now since I've been busy with a lot of things. One of these things is writing a story. Yep, am doing my own personal NaNoWriMo.

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In the story am writing, the main chara gets lost in a forest. He ends up encountering a griffin who tries to kill him.

I'd say it's going pretty well so far. Have been talking a bit about it on Twitter using the #NaNoWriMo, #NaNoWriMo2016, #amwriting and #amwritingfantasy hashtags. Yup, am writing a fantasy story. I've written a few thousand words already, but I've still got a long way to go before I finish the entire thing. I think it might take me more than 50k words.

I hope to be able to write as much as possible for the whole month of November and then be able to continue doing so even after NaNoWriMo ends. So, how 'bout you? If you're writing a story, what genre is it about? How's the plot coming along? What can you say about it? Hope it's going well for you too. Good luck 😃.

Here are some of the comments from this article, back when it used to be posted elsewhere:

Zack Plourd wrote on 6/11/16:
I started a profile on NaNoWriMo, with the intent to write a thing, but I found the site slightly incomprehensible as to how to go about that. It wasn't very clear.

Freya Yuki replied to Zack Plourd on 7/11/16:
The site does have a FAQ (http://nanowrimo.org/faq) and how it works (http://nanowrimo.org/how-it-works) page. Note: you can't actually write your novel on the site. You can just use it to check your word count or get to meet other writers, etc.

Zack Plourd replied to Freya Yuki on 7/11/16:
^see thats the kind of stuff i wasn't clear on. thank you for clarification.

Freya Yuki replied to Zack Plourd on 9/11/16:
You're welcome.

Barbara Ciruelos wrote on 6/11/16:
Good luck! The fact that you´re trying to complete NaNoWriMo is more than impressive. I´ve always been more of a self-time author, to be honest, but every approach is effective as long as it fits your style!

Freya Yuki replied to Barbara Ciruelos on 7/11/16:
Thanks. Am trying to write as much as possible to finish this story.

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- This was previously published on Niume on 5 November 2016

What Will Make You Think That Critique Circle Is Awesome?

Saturday, April 28, 2018
Critique Circle is an online writing critique group. It's free to join although the site also offers a premium or paid version.

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Is Critique Circle really a perfect and awesome tool for writers?

How does it work?

The basic premise is that you critique a person's work and they do the same for yours. So, it's a give-and-take (or tit-for-tat) relationship. You can post your story on the site and people can choose to critique it, giving you constructive criticism that can help you improve your writing, plot, characters, etc.

However, before you can post your story to have it critiqued, you will need credits. You get credits by critiquing the works of other people.

It's only after you have the required number of credits (meaning, after you've critiqued a certain number of other people's stories) that you'll be allowed to post your own to receive critiques. It seems to be a pretty neat system that ensures that everyone's work will be critiqued.

Is Critique Circle really awesome?

I've been trying to find more information about Critique Circle since I wanted to join an online writing group and have my stories critiqued. I've found a number of positive reviews that recommend this site, however, most of them are dated several years ago.

The site itself seems pretty okay, though the layout could maybe use an upgrade in terms of looking more modern. There's a lot of info on the site including help pages and the like. However, I noticed that they don't have a Terms of Use and Privacy Policy pages. At least, I can't find these 2 pages anywhere on the site.

I wonder why not? Do these pages even exist? If they do (and, really, they should), then where are they? If you try to register for the site, you'll be asked to agree to the rules, but there's no mention of their TOS and Privacy Policy. What's up with that? Weird.

Is Critique Circle still active?

Critique Circle has a Twitter account, so I thought I'd send them a tweet to ask about their terms and policies. But they never responded (even now, they've yet to respond). So, I wonder if the site is even still active?

Unfortunately, you can't tell for sure unless you join because the main site itself (minus the help and FAQ and other such info) is locked and visible only to members. That's not really a bad thing.

In fact, I prefer it to be that way, so your work is only visible to site members, which should ensure you don't lose your story's first publication rights. But, on the other hand, if you want to know more about Critique Circle, this does mean you won't be able to find out much.

Who has joined Critique Circle?

Has anyone joined or tried out Critique Circle? What can you say about it? Would you recommend it? Is it still active? Does it really not have a Terms of Use / Terms of Service and Privacy Policy? Do you think it's a legit site?

Other online writing critique groups

If you don't like Critique Circle, can you recommend other online writing critique groups (except Scribophile)? What other groups have you joined or tried? What can you say about these sites?

Edited to add: I've joined Critique Circle and will be writing more about it in upcoming articles.

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- This was previously published on Niume on 14 December 2016

Don’t Stop Believin’ Journey Song Quote Analysis

Wednesday, April 18, 2018
"Don’t stop believin'"
- Don’t Stop Believin’ (song by Journey)

Don’t Stop Believin’ is the title of a song by Journey. It was released as a single from their album entitled Escape.
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The song is pretty catchy and sounds really quite nice, ne? It’s got a lively beat. The tone sounds hopeful. The title itself is very inspiring.
"Don’t stop believing" - isn’t this something that we should always remember? The quote and the title of the song by Journey reminds us that we should keep on believing in ourselves and in our capabilities. We should not lose hope or give up.

We should just keep on believing, never stopping, because, someday, everything will be all right. In the end, it will all be worth it, right? So, what do you think about this song by Journey? Do you like it?

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- YouTube video features the Don't Stop Believin' song by Journey
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Don't Stop Dancing Creed Song Quote Analysis

Sunday, April 08, 2018
"Hey God, I know I’m just a dot in this world, have you forgot about me?"
- Don’t Stop Dancing (song by Creed)

Don’t Stop Dancing was sung by Creed. It’s track number 10 on the music album entitled ’Weathered’. It was written by Mark T. Tremonti and Scott Stapp.
Mark T. Tremonti and Scott Stapp, creed, weathered, music album, songs, quotes analysis, philosophical musings, dark, depressing themes
What do you think about this song? It’s not exactly depressing, but parts of it can seem that way if you just look at it by itself. Take this particular quote, for instance. If we’re just talking about the quote all on its own, it sounds really depressing and sad, right?
Aside from sad and depressing, it’s also the truth isn’t it? There are so many people in this world that we can feel invisible and insignificant especially when compared to all those who get all the attention. Sometimes, we might feel that we don’t matter, that we’re nothing and no one and who would care if we weren’t around anymore, right?

Sometimes, do you wonder if anyone will remember you? Do you wonder if you’ve been forgotten? Don’t you want to be noticed? Who wants to feel lonely, insignificant and invisible? It hurts to be alone, right? Sometimes, maybe all we want is for someone to pay attention to us, for someone to be there to remind us that, ‘hey, you’re not alone and, hey, someone cares about you’.

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- YouTube video features the Don't Stop Dancing song by Creed
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