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Wish You Could See The Truth As I See It

Sunday, April 30, 2017
Also known as, "Why can't you see the truth?" and "It hurts, but it's okay, I understand."

No, East is not yet done with the inner monologue or thoughts. So let’s hop to it and hear what else the eastern Superhero has to say. East wishes that the people who listened to all these media could be more discerning and objective and unbiased.

If they could just go to Fantasia or anywhere in the Spades Kingdom or even just take the time to listen to the Spades media, then they could see the truth for themselves. East wishes to take West there so the latter could see as well.
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Of course, East had been to Fantasia and to the Spades Kingdom and had spoken to various people over there. That’s how the Superhero knew the truth.

It saddened East that West would think the former hadn’t actually bothered to research and confirm the truth about what was really happening. It hurt to think that West would believe that East would just blindly believe whatever the Spades King says and that the Superhero wouldn’t bother to check and confirm the facts.

But East understood that the blame wasn’t entirely on West. It was only natural for West to feel for the western Citizens, to believe them and listen to them. East would have done the same for the eastern Citizens and would have also found it hard to be objective.

- This is part 71 of The Adventures Of The World’s Superheroes series, a story told in several short posts
- Part 70
- Howl's Moving Castle anime pic is from Amazon.com
- Pic is meant to represent parts of Fantasia and/or the Spades Kingdom

Do You Wonder Why You’re Still Here?

Monday, April 24, 2017
What are you doing here? Why are you here? Why do you care? Why does any of this matter to you? You exist, but no one can see you. You’re invisible, insignificant. You don’t matter at all.

If you disappear, who will care? If you don’t show up, if no one sees you for a while, who will notice? Who will ask where you are? Who will worry?
dark, depressing themes, short stories, philosophical musings, creative writing, depression, loneliness, pain
The truth is that you’re alone and that no one cares about you. So why are you still struggling? Why haven’t you given up yet? What’s your reason for continuing to be here? Do you sometimes think if perhaps the other side (the world, dreams, reality, nightmares – where do you belong?) is better?

Does it hurt? Do you wish the pain would stop? Do you want to scream? You can. But it won’t change anything. You can shout as loud as you want, but everyone will just ignore you.

- Sad boy anime art print on canvas pic is from Amazon.com
- Pic is meant to represent the lonely and depressed character in the story

Is The Media Lying To You?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017
Also known as, "You're a lying liar who lies" and "Why is the media lying to you?"

Previously, in this series, we got some more information about Fantasia and the people there as well as East’s thoughts about the situation. Let’s see what else the eastern Superhero has to say about this.

Since the people of Fantasia said they liked being part of the Spades Kingdom and had no intentions of ever going back to the Diamonds Kingdom, the kingdoms near the Visible Demarcation Line (including Diamonds, Clubs and Hearts) kept releasing false information and saying that all this was mere lies and propaganda.
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Because, apparently, the people of Fantasia are just being forced by the Spades King to say they like their new life or else they will get in trouble. And, apparently, Fantasia people don’t have a choice and must lie and say they love the Spades Kingdom otherwise they will be hurt.

The media and the people disseminating this information were being completely ridiculous, if you ask East.

East really has to wonder how anyone could believe such ridiculous and farfetched notions. Oh, what lies the media resorts to! How horrible, no?

- This is part 70 of The Adventures Of The World’s Superheroes series, a story told in several short posts
- Part 69
- Anime newspaper art print on canvas pic is from Amazon.com
- Pic is meant to represent the false news and propaganda that the media are spreading against the Spades Kingdom

Feeling Really Depressed Right Now

Wednesday, April 12, 2017
"What’s wrong?"

"What, didn’t you read the title? I’m feeling really depressed right now."

"Why? And you shouldn’t be."

"Go away. What’s it to you? I just- I feel so pathetic, so invisible and insignificant, like I don’t mean anything to anyone, like if I disappear, no one would care. I’m nothing. Nothing. I don’t even have any friends."

"Hey, don’t cry. And, ‘course you have friends. I-"
short story, philosophical musings, creative writing, dark, depressing themes
"I said go away, didn’t I? You don’t count. How can you be considered a friend? You’re not even real."

He punched the crying, sad and depressed-looking reflection staring back at him. The mirror shattered into thousands of tiny pieces and some of the shards cut him.

But so what? What was that pain compared to what he was feeling right now? What was that pain compared to the loneliness and depression that was slowly eating at him? How much more pathetic could one get?

His only ‘friend’ was his own reflection and it hurt, it hurt so much, but no one cares. What can he do? He glanced down at the broken shards, pondering, contemplating.

"Broken," he murmurs, "just like me."

Comments (from back when this used to be posted elsewhere):

Analyn (&dysenteryanalyn):
Sadly, pain always demands to be felt. It’s better to let it out.

Freya (in reply to Analyn):
Yeah, sometimes, one has no choice but to feel pain, to be in pain even if they don’t want to be, even if it hurts and even if they wish they didn’t have to feel so much pain, loneliness and sadness.

Freya (in reply to &maromory):
Yeah, life is definitely full of so much troubles and pain. Sometimes, one might just feel like giving up because it hurts too much or because they feel so alone and depressed and that no one seems to care. One should be optimistic and hopeful though it’s not easy.

Patty Therre (&PattyT):
Life is tough. People have to be tough to stay alive. I know I have had many, many blows that made me feel like I couldn’t go on and would never smile or be happy again but here I am. I am still here, still trying to find all the good that life has to offer and trying not to let my problems take me down. You have to be pretty stubborn to keep going when all around you is dark but I believe it is worth it.

Freya (in reply to Patty):
Yeah, I completely agree with you that life can be really tough at times. Sometimes, everything just feels so depressing and the world can be so cruel and harsh and dreary that there seems to be nothing to be happy about.

I guess what’s important is to continue struggling and living and not to give up though that’s definitely easier said than done and there may be times when even the future seems bleak. But you just have to keep on believing and hoping no matter how much it hurts and no matter how much you just want to give up.

- Crying anime girl art print on canvas pic is from Amazon.com
- Pic is meant to represent the depressed and sad character in the story

Listen To Truth, Not Lies

Thursday, April 06, 2017
Also known as, "The media is lying to you," "Stop listening to all this propaganda," and "Ridiculous notions".

In the last episode of this series, West’s ridiculous words caused East to sigh and face-palm and stare at the former in utter disbelief. What is East thinking about now? What will happen now?

East sighs yet again, wishing that West would stop listening to all the western media out there. Everyone that was against the Spades King was really blaming everything on him, saying crazy things like that about Fantasia and disseminating all this information and propaganda.
adventure, fantasy, superheroes series, short story, creative writing
Really, was it possible to threaten an entire group or city or town full of people and make them lie on whether or not they wanted to be with the Spades Kingdom?

In the first place, if the people of Fantasia didn’t like what the Spades Kingdom was doing to them, they could just rebel. What was stopping them from rebelling? After all, that was exactly what they did when they didn’t like how the Diamonds rulers were treating them.

Considering that they're now living peacefully in Fantasia and aren’t trying to rebel against the rule of the Spades Kingdom, doesn’t that mean they're being treated properly enough and are pretty satisfied or content with their new way of life?

- This is part 69 of The Adventures Of The World’s Superheroes series, a story told in several short posts
- Part 68
- Anime army art print on canvas pic is from Amazon.com
- Pic was chosen to represent the people of Fantasia rebelling if they didn't like the Spades Kingdom