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Why You Should Not Lose Hope, Why There Is Always Light, And Why Change Is Always Possible?

Friday, October 07, 2016
The alternate title is ‘what is the color of hope and change?’

“Do you really think they can see it, how you struggle, how you exert so much effort, how you work so hard?” The man sighs, sounding tired and weary. “Oh, what a joke, a total riot,” he murmurs.

“What are you talking about, dear? What is the matter?” asks a woman who was sitting on the couch. Her gaze was focused on the scarf she was busy knitting.

The man briefly glances at her before returning his attention back to the window. “It’s that young man,” he says, pointing at someone outside their dull and dreary little house. “He always passes by here every single day. He’s so young and oblivious and naïve and innocent. Doesn’t know anything at all about how this world really works.” This was said in a sad tone of voice.

short story, philosophical musings, dark, depressing themes, hope, light, change
The woman frowns, but doesn’t look at wherever and whoever the man was pointing at. “Maybe it will be different for this young man,” she murmurs, a wistful tone in her voice.

The man laughs. “Do not be delusional, my dear. There’s no reason to hope. That young man is doomed. No matter what he does, no one sees anything. Those who do, do not care in the least.”

The woman bites her lip. “He sounds honest, good and kind.”

“Hah.” The man snorts. “Useless qualities. He should learn to throw them away. Quickly. Or he’ll drown, he’ll fall. You know as well as I do that honesty doesn’t exist in a place like this. The reality is that people are dishonest. They have no qualms in cheating and doing whatever it takes to get what they want. They think only of themselves.” He says this in a resigned tone of voice and he sounds even more tired and weary than he did before.

There’s silence for a moment. Finally, the woman stands up and takes the finished scarf in her hands. She walks towards the window until she stands right beside the man.

The man glances at her, waiting.

“I think,” she finally says. “I really think he’s different. That young man, he could be exactly what this place needs. He’s-”

“Do you even know who I’m talking about?”

“Yes. I’ve met him. I’ve spoken to him. I’ve looked in his eyes. Those eyes, it’s been a long, long time since I’ve looked into eyes like that. I didn’t think I’d ever see such a look again.” She sighs, looking haunted and distant. “His entire personality, his character- he’s a breath of fresh air. He’s hope. And those sparkling, pure eyes filled with honesty and sincerity- that’s the proof. He’ll change things.” She smiles, and, for one brief moment, there’s a spark of light in her eyes.

quote about hope, believing in the light at the end of the tunnel, that change is possible, don't give up
Do you sometimes feel like giving up and think that
there is no hope for change, that the light of the sun has
been swallowed by the darkness? Don't we all need
something to remind us that there is always
hope and light and that we shouldn’t give up?
The man looks at her and sighs. “And when will that happen? When it’s all over for us? Do you really think we’ll still be around to see this change that you hope for?”

The woman shrugs. “It matters not. What matters is-” She cuts herself off abruptly. Without another word, she starts to walk away.

The man frowns. “What the? Where are you going?”

“Out,” she answers without stopping. “That nice young man is back and I wish to give him a present.” She indicates the scarf in her hands and there’s a small, slight smile on her face.

The man stares. When the woman has left their house, he turns his gaze outside the window where he sees the young man and the woman talking as the latter proceeds to wrap the scarf around the young man’s neck.

“Yellow,” the man murmurs. “Like light, like the sun. Hope.” And he finally allows a small smile to tug at the corners of his mouth as he watches the young man talking animatedly and laughing and smiling and gesturing wildly with his hands.

- Image with added text was modified by Freya Yuki (CC:BY-SA) based on the image by hayashinomura (CC:BY-SA) from deviantArt
- Image is meant to symbolize the smile of the young man in the story
- Quote image is a print from Amazon.com
- YouTube video features the song entitled “Don’t Lose Hope” by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

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