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Feeling Depressed And Discouraged

Monday, October 31, 2016
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You sigh and it’s filled with so much despair and sadness.

What am I doing here, you wonder? Why am I still here, you keep asking yourself? Why do I keep doing this?

Why do I keep struggling when nothing seems to work, when nothing happens, when everything remains the same, when all my efforts are for naught, when everything is a failure?

You have so many questions, but no answers. It hurts so much and you can’t help but think about giving up. You just want this madness to end. You just want an end to this suffering. You just want to find the happiness and joy that you seek. You just want those who hurt you to pay for their sins and crimes. You just want retribution and revenge and redemption and vengeance.

But nothing is forthcoming. There is only darkness, despair, shadows and illusions looming in the background. You’re surrounded, you’re being suffocated. And all you want is to be free from all this. When will this madness end? When will you finally end it all? Someone, please help me, say something, you scream.

- Depressed girl pic is from Amazon.com

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