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Listen To Truth, Not Lies

Thursday, April 06, 2017
Also known as, "The media is lying to you," "Stop listening to all this propaganda," and "Ridiculous notions".

In the last episode of this series, West’s ridiculous words caused East to sigh and face-palm and stare at the former in utter disbelief. What is East thinking about now? What will happen now?

East sighs yet again, wishing that West would stop listening to all the western media out there. Everyone that was against the Spades King was really blaming everything on him, saying crazy things like that about Fantasia and disseminating all this information and propaganda.
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Really, was it possible to threaten an entire group or city or town full of people and make them lie on whether or not they wanted to be with the Spades Kingdom?

In the first place, if the people of Fantasia didn’t like what the Spades Kingdom was doing to them, they could just rebel. What was stopping them from rebelling? After all, that was exactly what they did when they didn’t like how the Diamonds rulers were treating them.

Considering that they're now living peacefully in Fantasia and aren’t trying to rebel against the rule of the Spades Kingdom, doesn’t that mean they're being treated properly enough and are pretty satisfied or content with their new way of life?

- This is part 69 of The Adventures Of The World’s Superheroes series, a story told in several short posts
- Part 68
- Anime army art print on canvas pic is from Amazon.com
- Pic was chosen to represent the people of Fantasia rebelling if they didn't like the Spades Kingdom

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