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Will You Leave Without Saying A Word?

Thursday, November 03, 2016
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Also known as, "The aftermath of the clash."

Previously in this series, there was a fight that seemed more like a World War. What will happen now? Will this clash ever end?

The fight between East and West seemed to go on forever. It seemed that they would never stop.

But, eventually, they did stop though they didn’t look tired at all. It seemed that they just refused to fight anymore. There was no clear winner. If anything, this match would certainly be considered a tie. It seemed both were equally matched in power and skill and prowess and strength.

The 2 stood in the middle of the room, facing each other, but refusing to look the other in the eye. They stood like that for what seemed like an eternity, saying nothing but seeming as if they were waiting for the other to speak.

No one says anything though. Eventually, West moves and turns around, back facing East. West starts walking towards the door, slowly. East watches the western Superhero but says nothing, not even to stop West or prevent the other from leaving.

- This is part 50 of The Adventures Of The World’s Superheroes series, a story told in several short posts
- Part 49
- Image is a screenshot from the Dead or Alive 5 PlayStation 3 video game from Amazon.com
- Pic is meant to symbolize the fight between East and West and how neither of them were injured during said fight

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