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Can't We Let Spades And Diamonds Handle Fantasia?

Wednesday, May 24, 2017
Also known as, "Why can't we just let the Spades and Diamonds Kingdoms handle the Fantasia issue without our interference?"

When we last left the 2 Superheroes, East just asked West if the latter would agree to settling the ownership of Fantasia in a peaceful and diplomatic way without starting a war over the issue.

What will West say to that? Do you think West will agree? Or is West going to protest? Let’s find out.
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West considers East’s words for a moment before nodding. “Yeah,” West agrees. “I do want things to be resolved peacefully. I totally don’t want a war either, East.”

East smiles at that and is pleased to see West return the smile. “That is good to hear, Amber. Then you will let the Diamonds rulers and the Spades King take care of this matter by themselves and not let the Clubs and Hearts and the other rulers of the kingdoms near the Visible Demarcation Line interfere with this issue?”

West frowns upon hearing that. “Wait, what? But-” West started to say, but East was quick to interrupt and interject.

- This is part 73 of The Adventures Of The World’s Superheroes series, a story told in several short posts
- Part 72
- Image is Amber Dragon, Dusk from the Cardfight!! Vanguard TCG card game from Amazon.com
- Pic was chosen to represent the 'Amber' nickname that East calls West

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