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The Real Owner Of Fantasia

Monday, January 23, 2017
Previously, in this series, West just admitted that Fantasia actually does belong to the Spades Kingdom.

If that’s the case and even West knows that, then why does West want the Spades King to return Fantasia to the Diamonds Kingdom? Why would West side with the Diamonds rulers?

“But,” West says, adding to what the Superhero said in the last post, "The Diamonds Queen is the older sister of the Spades King. She’s originally from the Spades Kingdom.

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When the Diamonds Queen got married, her father gave away Fantasia as her dowry

"When she got married to the Diamonds King, her father, the former Spades King, gave away Fantasia to the Diamonds Kingdom as her dowry. So, Fantasia is now part of-"

West is interrupted by East, but before we listen to whatever East says, now would be a good time to note that Fantasia is actually located in between the Spades Kingdom and the Diamonds Kingdom.

If you cross this land, you can get to the other kingdom and vice versa. In short, the kingdoms of Spades and Diamonds share a border via Fantasia.

- This is part 63 of The Adventures Of The World’s Superheroes series, a story told in several short posts
- Part 62
- Girl in wedding dress art print on canvas pic is from Amazon.com
- Pic is meant to represent the Diamonds Queen when she got married to the Diamonds King

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