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Don’t Know Why I’m Still Here

Sunday, December 18, 2016
dark, depressing themes, philosophical musings, short stories, writing
Feel so disappointed and hurt, so discouraged and depressed. It’s like I’m falling into an endless abyss.

You feel the rage and the pain and the despair and you just want to lash out and make them pay, right? You want to take revenge against all these people who have hurt you.

The darkness is eating you. You’re suffocating in the shadows. The pain is overwhelming, unbearable and you wish for the destruction of all, of everything.

And you swear you’ll make them pay. Someday, do you promise that you won’t be alone anymore? That you’ll be happy? That no one will ever hurt you or break your heart? Don’t let them win. Fight back. Don’t give up. But it hurts too much.

What can you do? How can you win? Someone, please, please, help me, you scream and it hurts so much. It’s like glass breaking and mirrors and shards falling all over you and you fall, you keep falling. When will this madness end? Someone free me from this place, you scream.

- Depressed, sad girl anime pic is from Amazon.com

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