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You Can't Save The World

Tuesday, January 17, 2017
Hey, are you really all that arrogant that you think you can easily save the world all on your own?You’re powerful, yes, but not that powerful.

Your strength and your magic aren't enough to save the world. You can’t do it alone and that’s a fact. What makes you think that you can?

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Even with all your magic and powers, do you really think you can save the world on your own?

Why are you so smug and full of yourself? It’s not cute at all, you know? It’s annoying. Why do you push me away? Why do you insist on working on your own?

Your magic isn’t strong enough. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that it is. Why do you have to antagonize me all the time? Why can’t we work together?

I know we haven’t always gotten along. I know we have our differences, our fights. Oh, those horrid, terrible fights.

Remember how they all thought the world was going to end thanks to us (yes, yes, that’s how powerful we are with our magical weapons and our magical abilities)?

But we can be friends. We can get along. You and I both know that. But, perhaps you’ve forgotten? Have you forgotten our friendship?

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