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You Used To Smile At Me

Sunday, November 06, 2016
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It seemed like eternity ago when we held hands and walked down the lakeside together. Your eyes were bright and lively, sparkling with mirth and true happiness.

Your beauty was indescribable and your words held so much love and meaning. You were smiling. You were always smiling. You had many different kinds of smiles.

But the one I cherished the most was that one sweet smile that was reserved only for me. You used to smile at me. All the time. You would gesture wildly with your hands, looking up at me with that sweet, sweet smile as you weave a fantasy world.

The memories overwhelm me and I can feel the tears that just won’t stop. I am lost in the depths of my sadness and despair. I am alone now. But I can still see it so clearly that it’s almost like you’re still here. I can see your beautiful smiling face and your sparkling sky-blue eyes.

I can hear your words, I can feel you. You used to smile at me. Always, always, you smiled. I never saw you frown. But now those days are long gone. Now, I am alone and I only wish that the end would come faster. I wish to fall already. I want to see your smile again. Please smile at me.

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