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Save Me, Please, From This Nightmare Called Life

Saturday, November 12, 2016
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What am I doing here in this dark, dark world? The shadows swallow me and I’m lost in this maze of illusions. Nothing makes sense anymore.

I’m just looking for someone to save me, someone to help me. Please, can’t anyone hear my cries, my shouts, my screams? Can you see the tears falling down my face? I only wish for salvation in this cruel reality.

Hey, hey, I’m searching for the sun and the light. It’s so cold. I just want to feel some warmth. I keep struggling to live, working so hard, just trying my best to survive in this nightmare called life. I don’t know how much more I can take. Should I just give up? Is it worth it? Give me a reason, a reason not to say goodbye.

The smile is frozen on my lips as I gaze into this crystal mirror. My reflection stares back at me, mocking me. You’re laughing at my pain, aren’t you? Do you find this amusing? I’m alone and hurt and broken and no one cares. Can you pick up the fallen shards of glass that scatter around you? Can you put everything back together, make the broken pieces whole again? Is that even possible? Don’t leave me, please. I’m falling, falling into the endless abyss.

- Sad, crying girl pic is from Amazon.com

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