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The Truth Behind The Smile

Saturday, December 24, 2016
What does your smile mean? What is really hidden underneath that smile, cloaked in your aura of happiness and shrouded in the joyous upturn of your lips?

When you smile, the world believes you’re so happy, that you’re just bursting with delight. When you smile, everything seems all right, as if nothing bothers you, as if you couldn’t be happier, as if you have no problems and worries.

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Everyone thinks you’re fine. No one suspects a thing. No one bothers to look deeper, into the hidden depths, past the illusions, past your façade and straight into the dark, dark truth.

No one can see it. But the truth is that your smile is fake. By now you’ve perfected the art of smiling without meaning it, without it reaching your eyes.

Your smile holds a wealth of pain and misery and sadness and sorrow all its own. Your smile hastens to reassure people and cheer them up, but the truth is you’re the one that needs the reassurance.

Why do you keep smiling even when you don’t feel like it? What do you hope to gain by smiling all the time? The truth is that you want people to look beyond your smile.

You want people to be able to see the truth, to be able to tell that you’re unhappy, that your smile is fake and that you really do need help. But everyone is blind to this truth.

And that hurts much more than you’d care to admit, even to yourself. So you just keep smiling and smiling even when you’re slowly falling apart.

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