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What Brings A Smile To My Face?

Thursday, December 15, 2016
Also known as, "Missed these terms of endearment" and "Don't call me magenta. I don't like it, I swear."

Previously, in this series, East and West happen to come across each other at the Superhero Headquarters. As they stood in front of each other, they were silent for a moment or 2, but now they're ready to speak. What do they say?

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“East,” West says.

“Magenta,” East says.

That one word from East brings a bit of a spark in West’s eyes, making them light up in a way that they hadn’t done for what felt like a very long time.

There’s a quirk to the Superhero’s lips as West tries to hold back a smile and fails.

Clearly West has missed being called these terms of endearment by East. The Superhero looks happy to finally get to hear these nicknames once again.

Of course, West pretends not to like them, but that wasn’t anything new, so it didn’t really matter. “Don’t call me that,” West says, pouting somewhat though still with that small smile on those lips, complete with that sparkle in those blue eyes.

- This is part 57 of The Adventures Of The World’s Superheroes series, a story told in several short posts
- Part 56
- Smiling girl anime poster is from Amazon.com
- Pic is meant to represent the smile on West's face

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