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Tears In The Rain With A Dash Of Despair And Loneliness

Friday, December 30, 2016
It rains, and, with your face turned up to the sky, your tears are lost in the downpour.

Why are you crying?” someone suddenly asks.

You feel surprised as you did not even hear his approach and now he’s right behind you. You sigh, eternal frown on your face. You close your eyes then open them again, suddenly pleased that it is raining even though you’re soaked to the bone. “I’m not.”

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“Don’t lie.” He sighs, looking concerned and worried.

“I’m not,” you say again.

Why are you sad then? And please don’t say that you’re not. I can tell.”

You bite your lip, brows furrowing. Your lips curl into an angry sneer. You turn to face him, glaring. “Leave me alone. What does it matter to you anyway? What does it matter to anyone?”

He tries to say something, but you cut him off. “Don’t tell me that someone cares because no one does. Don’t lie,” you throw his words right back at him. “I know no one cares. I’m alone, always alone. No one even listens to me. I speak, write and cry out, yearning to be heard. But my voice is lost in the wind as the world ignores me.

“I am nothing. Nothing. I’m just an insignificant little thing that matters to no one. Who cares what happens to me, what I say, what I do?” You continue to cry, not even trying to hide it anymore.

He moves closer to you and enfolds you into a hug. You struggle for a moment, hitting him on the chest with your hands curled into fists.

But you soon melt into his arms and hug him as you cry your eyes out, sobbing loudly and screaming out your frustrations, hurts, anger, hatred, despair and loneliness.

He simply holds you, tightly, and doesn’t say anything. You still feel reassured anyway. Maybe, just maybe, all you need is even just one person to be there for you. And all will be well, right?

- Crying girl anime pic is from Amazon.com

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